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Mandala Mudra, Circle of Wholeness

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Comment by Kathy Ward on August 9, 2011 at 13:55

Mandala Mudra, Circle of Wholeness.


To help us find a place of balance and calmness, this Mudra is one of the best. 

Mudras are gestures of the hands or body that allow us to attune to specific energy frequencies within our being. Mudra is often translated as ‘gesture’ or ‘seal’, and both of these meanings point toward the essential quality of mudra: they are gestures that seal or ‘lock in’ a specific energy experience.


Instructions –

Rest the cupped left  hand onto your lap. Rest the cupped right fingers onto the left fingers. Join the tips of the thumbs to form an oval. Sense the circuit of energy between the thumbs which expands throughout the circumference of the oval.

General Benefits –

 Invokes a state of mental absorption and the experience of the Self as wholeness. Good to use during meditation or when needing to find balance.


Physical Systems –   All

Especially Helpful for –  All psychological and emotional problems

Contraindications and Cautions –   none

Elements –  All 5 elements  - water, earth, air, fire and space

Doshas Balanced –  All 3 – Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Breath Focus –  Full three-part breath or deep tummy breathing

Langhana/Brahmana –  Balanced Langhana (cooling) ++  Brahmana (heating) ++

Prana Vayus –  Balances Prana and Apana

Chakras –  All  7

Emotional effect – balancing

Mental effects –  clarity

Spiritual effect –  union

Images/Symbols –  perfect circle


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